NONONO headed to the Fox for 1st US tour

Despite having to rush out of a broken-down tour bus just minutes before an interview with the Daily Californian, Stina Wappling, lead singer of Swedish electronic/indie trio NONONO, was optimistic about the future — of both the band and the bus. “We have a bigger, nicer bus in the end,” Wappling laughed.
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The state of rock today

In order to determine whether someone is worthy of my friendship, the make-it-or-break-it question is: “What kind of music do you listen to?” You’ll answer, listing band names and song titles as I nod and assess the possible concerts, potential hangout playlists and future conflicts of musical interest.  And, inevitably,
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James Blake: Overgrown

James Blake has always been somewhat of a musical dichotomy. Since his debut release nearly four years ago, Blake has been carefully straddling the line between the UK post-dubstep scene and his own pop music leanings, a feat evidenced by arguably his most popular single to date, the wobbly, earth-shaking
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Singing the Angel’s song with indie Olsen

There are few words to properly describe the power of Chicago-based artist Angel Olsen’s music. Olsen’s ability to manipulate her voice — which at one moment seems almost effortless and at the next unbelievably powerful — is reminiscent of a 1920s radio personality. Her lyrics are painfully honest, and her
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