When every tune tastes like cherry

If someone told you they liked pop music with a casual, “I like a chipper synthesized baseline, a plucky electric guitar and lyrics about adolescent life that make my heart tingle, if you please,” you would probably tell them to simmer down.
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KALEO - alexandra valenti

Icelandic band Kaleo talks blues, classic rock roots

“Kaleo” means “the sound” in Hawaiian, but in this case, it is the moniker of an Icelandic folk rock band that has skyrocketed to success throughout Iceland and Europe and will be playing at The Independent in San Francisco on Dec. 1. Though somewhat surprising for an Icelandic band, Kaleo
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Local indie rock band Art Nikels releases new EP

Swirling clouds of mystery surround the fuzzy, unearthly sounds of Berkeley band Art Nikels’ brand new EP, Primitives. This local psychedelic indie-rock band is notable not only for its dreamy, eerie style but also for its mysterious benefactor and musical contributor, whom the band has never met — a man
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White Arrows put on kaleidoscopic show at Rickshaw Stop

A band’s ambience when playing live can be the deciding factor in whether or not its performance is memorable. Going to a show should take audience members into the world of the band, with the set list as a trusty map and the visuals or lights as the background. Los
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