Messy bedroom, possibly my own

5 hacks for room decorations

We at the Clog are tired of running to Walgreens at the last minute for random things we didn’t realize we would need. Whether it be inspiration, vases or pencil holders, we present to you a list of simple and cheap ways to decorate your room. 1. It’s your birthday,
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worthy 3

You are more than any number

Each and every one of you is worth so much more than any number, be it a test score or your GPA. No, you are not a 3.0 or an 89 percent. Perhaps it’s a well-known fact deep down inside, but sometimes a gentle reminder is all that it needs to resurface. Question your
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Give us this day our daily method

Two Steps Forward

I know and care about many people whose closed-mindedness is hurting or killing them. Parents of close friends refuse to change their fat- and sugar-laden diets, even after diagnoses of heart problems or diabetes. Every single smoker I know is aware of how damaging the habit is, but most never
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Hidden inspiration behind songs

Good music often provides the perfect background songs for our ordinary daily activities. Music also allows us to relive a story narrated by lyrics in our imagination or allows us to escape to the beats and sounds of different instruments. By making some songs very personal to us, we often
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