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#Untamed: Be a Part of an International Photo Installation

Ever want to have a spot in an international photo exhibition but don’t have the money to buy real photographic equipment? Here’s your chance. A project sponsored by Mercedes Benz, #Untamed is an Instagram-based installation in Paris, in which you can submit three of your most unusual snapshots. All you
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Thursday app of the week: about.me

Name: about.me Platform(s): The Internet, iPhone Price: Free Mission: Make a one-stop personal (and professional) homepage In this new online age, paper resumes are slowly being replaced by the “personal website.” The personal website is usually a one-page site that contains a short biography, contact information, links to other sites
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Editor’s Note: Catching up.

When winter break rolls around, all you want to do after a series of mind-numbing finals and long days at work is to cut yourself off from your normal world. It’s healthy to toss out the router and disconnect from the Internet, kick back with a good book and eat
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Mt. Hood, OR by calbearsonline

The Daily Cal Instagram photo contest winners

Over winter break, UC Berkeley students collectively went everywhere. Some returned home, some journeyed across the United States, others jetted off to far-off locales. We wanted to catch up with people to see where they went, so we asked for your best break Instagram photos. For the past week, Daily
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