Instagram founders to speak on campus

Instagram founders Mike Krieger and Kevin Systrom are coming to campus Monday, Sept. 9 to hold a question and answer session for UC Berkeley students and community members. The event will take place at 7 p.m. in the Wozniak Lounge in Soda Hall.
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Off the beat: Avoid becoming a slave to selfies

August was a good month for me. Not only did I cross 200 followers on Instagram, but I also reached 90 followers on Twitter. Did I follow anyone new last month? Maybe one or two people, but only when it didn’t disrupt my F-to-F (follower to following) ratio. Do my
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The Daily Cal Fall Orientation Instagram contest winners

This summer, UC Berkeley students traveled around the world, spending their time to see amazing places. For the past week, Daily Cal readers have been tagging their summer travel photos with the hashtag #takingshotsdc, named after our photo department’s blog. Berkeley students took amazing photos from Brazil, Japan, the Czech
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13-06-21 The Hashtag Revolution

The hashtag revolution

With Facebook fully incorporating hashtags in the latest iteration of the dominant social network, hashtags have become an unparalleled form of communication over the interwebs. Whether they’re being used in place of sentences, in addition to phrases or simply for comic effect, it’s hard to scroll down the news feed
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13-06-10 App of the Week, momenTOGO

App of the Week: momenTOGO

Name: momenTOGO Platform: iOS Price: Free Description: Capture the moment and share your memory Today our spotlight turns to Fred Scarf, one of our very own Berkeley students in Interdisciplinary Studies, who has spent eight months creating momenTOGO for the iPhone. Upon seeing a close friend succumb to cancer at
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#TBT to our early Cal days

#TBT, or #ThrowbackThursday, is a common hashtag you will come across on any given Thursday if you’re scrolling through your Instagram feed. And if you’re a Cal student who follows other Cal students on any form of social media, you will come across a number of similar-looking photos of small,
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A street off Powell Street Bart Station in San Francisco. #SanFranciscan #nightlife

6 photos you’ll see on your Instagram feed this summer

Oh, summer. So beautiful. So picturesque. So going on Instagram. Most of us savvy Instagram users can agree that summer life has never looked more golden — literally — through a Kelvin filter. Fortunately for us lucky Berkeley students, we’re free to roam around and make wonderful summer memories in the most
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