International students at UC Berkeley: A hidden struggle

Like many other students around the world, I dreamed of studying at one of the world’s most prestigious and renowned universities — UC Berkeley. When students see the enormous financial burden their families will carry for four years, that dream quickly turns into thin air. With living and university expenses
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Kate's Piece WEEKENDER

Documenting distance: A profile on student Ashley Njoroge

In her native Kenya, Ashley Njoroge never experienced prejudice because of the color of her skin. It wasn’t until she arrived in Berkeley for undergraduate studies that she began to feel acutely aware of her Blackness. “I knew I was Black but it wasn’t something that I consciously thought about,”
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Documenting distance: A profile on student Kiro Khalil

Documenting Distance Part I of II: Brief reflections on finding and maintaining home almost 7,500 miles away   I ask Kiro Khalil what comes to mind when he hears the word “home.” He tells me “Egypt” in an instant — but, after a brief pause, adds an addendum. “I picked
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How to be a friendly Bear host

As many students who stay in Berkeley over the summer may experience, many of your classmates seem to not be experienced Golden Bears. Many non-UC Berkeley students come for classes, summer programs and internships at and around UC Berkeley every summer. Don’t be arrogant. Don’t be shy. We at the Clog advise
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japanese coffee hour

International Students at Cal Episode 1: Japanese Coffee Hour

The Daily Californian presents International Students at Cal, an interview series featuring international students on campus. For our first episode, we covered International House’s coffee hour, which is presented by Japanese exchange students. Video by Alison Tang, Sonja Xu, Yuka Koshino Animation by Zachary Vogel Intro Music by Karen Lin


The illusion of demographics

A Whole New World

If you haven’t been simultaneously bombarded with Vietnamese and Cantonese while eating in a Thai restaurant on University Avenue, you might wonder where the first half of your fall semester went.
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