Thanksgiving Table

How to prepare for those dreaded Thanksgiving dinner questions

You’re sitting around the dinner table surrounded by mounds of delicious food and the conversation is freely flowing. You finally get to see your favorite baby cousin, and the room is full of happiness and laughter. Suddenly, your aunt, who’s always trying to “get with the times,” decides to offhandedly bring up that
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What not to say in front of your boss

Summer is the time when students are constantly scrambling to find an internship. When that opportunity finally arrives, circumstances don’t always measure up to the expectations that you go in with. We at the Clog have accumulated a couple precautions to take into consideration when entering the professional world. Never
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internship gif

Summer internships: Bears go to work

It’s no secret that for UC Berkeley students summer doesn’t mean non-stop parties at the beach. Many of us Bears use summer as a time to gain valuable work experience through internships. In addition to building our resumes, internships also allow us to figure out if the fields we think
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Surviving interviews for internships

It’s that time of year again — endless internship applications and interviews. At UC Berkeley, we are fairly confident that we are well prepared to handle anything internships throw our way. Hey, we’re well rounded. We’re educated college students. We participate in extracurriculars. We have cover letters. We have resumes.
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The fine art of avoiding sketchy internships

‘Tis officially the season to freak out about applying for summer internships — what joy! While wading through cover letters, interviews and pondering which professor will remember your name — let alone write you a dandy letter of recommendation — you have to deal with the fact that some programs
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Cs get degrees, literally

The Millennial Meltdown

With the collar of my blue Costco-brand fleece jacket popped, pristine white velcro Skechers securely fastened, freshly laundered Stanford tube socks pulled up within flirting distance of my kneecaps (they have since been burned), I was ready to go through the typical third grade motions.
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Don’t panic! 6 ways to still score a summer internship

The semester is almost over, and some of us are beginning to realize great intentions don’t always mean great results. Maybe we’ve not invested as much time into searching for an internship, or maybe we already were accepted into an internship but really didn’t like it. Whatever the reason to begin
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The stages of applying for summer internships

As the spring semester winds down, all college students need to think about their summer plans. Some decide to take summer classes, others want to travel all over the world, many will get a job to make money and the rest of us have to apply for internships. To do
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