The stages of applying for summer internships

As the spring semester winds down, all college students need to think about their summer plans. Some decide to take summer classes, others want to travel all over the world, many will get a job to make money and the rest of us have to apply for internships. To do
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Unpaid internships need reform

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: As they currently exist, unpaid internships are too often unfulfilling, exploitative and inaccessible to needy students.

Unpaid internships are becoming a permanent rung on the ladder of career advancement for many American college students. But instead of serving as a valuable learning opportunity, unpaid internships are too often an exploitative way for companies to get free labor without offering much valuable experience or training in return.
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Pac-12 Networks strike hurts jobs

We are now in year two of the Pac-12 Networks, a bold venture that gives our 12 universities their own media company. Our focus is to provide unprecedented exposure for all student-athletes and, just as importantly, learning and paid internship opportunities for thousands of Pac-12 students. Unfortunately, those opportunities are
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Unpaid internships: a necessary evil

Every conversation I’ve had in the last month goes something like this: “Are you excited to graduate?” Yes and no, I reply, with the bittersweet nostalgia of any student who must say goodbye to Berkeley. “What will you do afterward?” I’ll be interning at a newspaper in Southern California, for
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Off the beat: What is … worth it?

Last year around this time I wrote a column detailing my disheartening attempts to attain a meaningful, paid internship for the summer. I turned to what seemed like a ridiculous and illogical alternative to earn a bit of spare change — stuffing facts such as “Who is the inventor of
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What is… my paycheck?

Off the Beat

Answer: Hit the bull’s-eye and name this discount retail store first opened by the Dayton Company in 1962. What is Target? Answer: This singer renamed herself “Sasha Fierce” for a 2008 double album. Who is Beyonce? And just like that, I’ve pushed through the Jeopardy! practice test, having completed my
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