The California Honeydrops discuss local roots, eclectic sound

Lech Wierzynski, lead singer of the Oakland band the California Honeydrops, speaks with a voice halfway between a southern drawl and an easygoing Midwest accent. He’s affable and easy to talk to. He’ll frequently stop a train of thought to ask, “You know what I mean?” “The Bay Area’s still
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How to crush your next consulting interview

This article has been brought to you by Pinterest. Pinterest: never have a boring time in the bathroom again.  ‘Tis the season to be jolly, but avoid taking Molly before your interview. That would just be too jolly for a suit. It’s consulting season and interviews are cramming up an already full
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Catching up with Troy Bolton

Back when the “High School Musical” trilogy came out, we at the Clog were still in elementary or middle school. So it’s safe to say that we grew up jamming to Sharpay’s beats and cheering on the Wildcats. It was only natural that we ended up going to the school Troy
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