New Snapchat allows for fearless drunk texting

The newest update to Snapchat now allows for live chatting!  If you’ve become disinterested in Snapchat (although we don’t know how anyone could get tired of taking selfies), it’s time for you to update the app and let shameless self-absorption take over your life. Here are some of the new features: new
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New Lulu app turns men into hashtags

Cultural Cadence

Thanks to the surging popularity of a new social networking app, Lulu, every fact about me can be permanently, digitally attached to my online identity for all to see. So yes, I do wear a burgundy robe sometimes. And yes, my mom does still do my laundry for me whenever
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vs siri

App Showdown: Siri versus Google Now

People laughed when Apple introduced Siri with the iPhone 4S. A robotic assistant that listened to you and carried out tasks? It just sounded silly (and even evoked comparisons to Skynet at some point). But it quickly turned out that Siri was way more than just a robotic companion for
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The best new phone you don’t know about

When a new iPhone is released, you can usually tell. People line up days in advance, prices on eBay explode and we sometimes get to witness the occasional fight or two. It’s a shame — because there’s a new phone most people probably don’t know about that costs half as
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Why getting a new cellphone is a bad idea

If somebody offered to sell you something that cost $350 for just 12 easy payments of $90, would you take him up on that offer? Unless you make a habit of dumping money into a giant hole in the ground and lighting it on fire, you probably wouldn’t. But a
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Support your local grammar asshole

Are you familiar with that killjoy who never fails to inflict shame on you when you slip up on your grammar? Hi. I’m Andrea, and I’m a grammar asshole. You either know one or are one, and oddly enough, we come in handy every once in a while. The time
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The top 3 tech necessities for college

We at The Daily Clog are all too familiar with the challenges of starting a new life at UC Berkeley: dodging flyers on Sproul, staying up late to finish projects (hello, CS 61A) and just trying to stay afloat in such a prestigious university. It’s a tall order — all the more reason to make sure you’re well-equipped for the job. Here are three things we highly recommend having.
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Off the beat: Avoid becoming a slave to selfies

August was a good month for me. Not only did I cross 200 followers on Instagram, but I also reached 90 followers on Twitter. Did I follow anyone new last month? Maybe one or two people, but only when it didn’t disrupt my F-to-F (follower to following) ratio. Do my
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