Homemade soba ready for lunch.

Soba noodles at Ippuku

A brief history of soba Like pasta, soba originally developed from gruel and polenta. Unlike pasta, these precursors of soba were eaten by “ninja and ascetics who spent extended periods of time training or traveling in remote mountain areas” (James Udesky, “The Book of Soba”). Modern science has demonstrated the
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Return to the tradition of handmade noodles

Various delicious restaurants in Downtown Berkeley say the pasta or soba they serve is “homemade.” This distinction, though well received, made the writers at the Daily Cal wonder: What value do homemade noodles have besides their novelty? To address this question, we took to the kitchens of Ippuku, Trattoria Corso
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Eating at Zachary’s should be a graduation requirement.

5 tips for dining out with parents

Eating with your parents will be a special experience, as you are up and coming into the world of work, freedom and independence. And while you can make it all the more memorable by bringing them to your favorite restaurant, that’s only the beginning. Here are some tips for having
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Ippuku: take a smoke break

On Center Street, a block from campus, a cloth with Japanese writing hanging in the doorway marks the entrance to Ippuku. This cloth, a cedar table and possibly a bartender standing behind a counter are the only street-front features that flag Ippuku as a restaurant. Instead, the facade of Ippuku
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Global Gastronomy

From the mouth-watering short ribs of Korea to the enticing enchiladas of Mexico, relish in the rich and diverse international tastes of Berkeley. French: Gregoire Ah, les français. Ce sont les pamplemousses meilleurs. Translation: I did not do well in French class. But, I did do particularly well duriing the
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