Student-veterans organize to provide mentorship, foster reintegration

Matthew Matlock humped his way through deep brush and vegetation, his body weighed down by equipment, sweat and fatigue. Five others had already made it down the trail into a small, open area when Matlock first heard the tin-like snap of gunfire — similar to a loud wood-fire crackle, he said, except louder and more frequent.
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Taking advantage of drone technology

Thinking about drones gets me excited. That might sound like a strange statement, particularly since I know nothing about the actual technology behind them — I’m a political science major, not a mechanical engineer. When I say I’m excited about drones, I mean I’m excited about the potential benefits that
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‘Hope’ for an end to war

It was Nov. 4, 2008, and Berkeley was going berserk. After only a few hours of vote-tallying, news had spread that Barack Obama was the next president of the United States. Telegraph Avenue flooded with students and citizens jumping for joy with “hope” for “change.” As a spring admit freshman,
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America should no longer be involved in costly wars overseas

Economic decline. Mounting deficits. Political deadlock. Two wars. With all these problems and more (read: an upcoming presidential election), you would think Washington would allow our exhausted military to return home after nearly a decade of war and focus on fixing the economy. Instead, it seems that we have decided
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