Ireland: a musical journey

As a music lover, I found Dublin, Ireland the perfect choice for studying and interning abroad. The Irish consider music great craic (“entertainment,” to those of you who’ve never spent time on the island). The Irish’s love for music has made the cities famous for their street performers and pub
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Read Aloud: Dirty Limericks

A bit less than 200 years ago, Edward Lear sat down somewhere in England and wrote a particular series of poems in a particular style that eventually was dubbed “limerick style.” As an isolated event, this was not particularly revolutionary. But the effect was big! After Lear published his compilation
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Tumultous history of Ireland unfolds in ”71′

Jack O’Connell has a knack for choosing unglamourous roles. The British actor is known for his part as a misguided skinhead in “This Is England,” the explosively angry James Cook on the teen drama “Skins,” a violent inmate in “Starred Up” and POW Louis Zamperini in Angelina Jolie’s “Unbroken.” In
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Infographic: Where should you study abroad?

There are 196 countries in the world. If you spend one month in each country, it’ll take you about 16 years to visit all of them. Most students can’t set aside all their responsibilities for 16 years, but students can study abroad. Find out which country you should visit while simultaneously taking courses.
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Happy Birthday

This morning, I got an email that said that my blog TodayInGalway — which was supposed to chronicle my experience abroad in Galway, Ireland in last spring — has officially turned one year old. My first thought: I have way too many emails. I really do. I currently have 5,412*
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