Theater department apologizes for ‘Ishi’ production

The current production of John Fisher’s play “Ishi: The Last of the Yahi” in the department of theater, dance and performance studies at UC Berkeley has sparked a number of strong reactions — especially among the Native American community, for whom Ishi’s story is sacred. On March 9, after a
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American Indian Graduate Student Association calls for art with ethics

Although the subject matter of “Ishi: The Last Yahi” is highly disturbing and offensive to Native Americans, the writer and director John Fisher and the Theater, Dance, and Performance Studies department failed to consult with Native Americans about bringing this play to campus. In the play, Fisher freely misrepresents Ishi
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Tony Zhou

Native American figure remembered at campus conference

A man known as the “last, wild Indian” who died in 1916 was remembered Wednesday for his contributions as the cultural ambassador and representative of the Native American population in California. The late Native American figure and educator Ishi was honored by UC Berkeley Chancellor Robert Birgeneau, faculty members and
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