This is privilege

Sarah Dadouch/Senior Staff

I stood in the fresh-bread section at Berkeley Bowl, fighting an impending mental breakdown. I stood there for four minutes — maybe less, maybe more, I didn’t count. What I was counting were the types of loaves in front of me: Sweet Batard, Sourdough, French, Italian, olive. I counted 16
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School of Little Revolutionaries

Turkish politics are ruining my dinner plans

Two blocks from my apartment on the corner of a busy street is a restaurant called Sinem. From the walls to the front counter, the whole place seems to be made of glass. It’s open late and always lit up. There isn’t much in the restaurant besides chairs, tables and
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The Bosphorus Strait

My first week in Istanbul

I am now three weeks into my semester abroad at Bogazici Universitesi in Istanbul, Turkey. It’s been mostly cold and gray here. The city smells like spiced meat and the bus driver’s cigarette, and it sounds like traffic and the Islamic call to prayer over loudspeakers. On my first morning
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Deja vu: bloodshed in Berkeley and Istanbul

Notes from Underground

For both Berkeley and Istanbul, 1969 was a year filled with bloodshed. On Feb. 16, 30,000 people marched to Taksim Square to protest against the government; two were killed and many were injured by the police. Almost three months after Turkey’s “Bloody Sunday,” 6,000 Berkeley dissenters, protesting against the university’s
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Dispatches from Turkey: What are the penguins about?

ISTANBUL, TURKEY — In the frame of the recent protests concerning Gezi Park and civil rights in Turkey, penguins are being used as symbols to criticize the Turkish TV news channel CNN Turk. The image of the penguin became relevant when police attempted to disperse the protesters gathered at the
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Since late May, Turkish protesters have been clashing with the police in cities across Turkey. Here, a protester is confronting the police in Taksim Square in Istanbul.

Introducing Dispatches from Turkey

On May 31, after videos and word of riot police using tear gas and pressured water to disperse a group of activists protesting the destruction of the green Gezi Park in central Istanbul, Turkey, spread via Twitter and other social media sites, thousands of people flooded into the park in
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You just can't beat a Sultanahmet sunset.

Istanbul, or Why has it taken me 20 years to get here

If your list of dream travel destinations does not currently include Istanbul, let me tell you, straight up: You’re doing it wrong. Move over Paris, Barcelona — these traditional European hotspots need to make room for the best thing you never knew you were missing. Do yourself a favor and
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