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Playlist for an autumn walk

Fall is such a beautiful time of year here in Berkeley. The leaves begin to drop, and even though the temperatures haven’t fallen that much, we can clearly see signs of the changing of seasons. We at the Clog have created a playlist suitable for a fall walk through campus. So
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What type of Birkenstock are you?

Needless to say, Birkenstocks are a gift from the foot gods. If you’re lazy, Birkenstocks are great because you don’t have to fasten any buckles or tie and laces. If you’re walking from the Units to Tolman Hall, Birkenstocks are as comfortable as can be. The one thing we can’t attest for
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Jack Johnson soundchecking at the Fox Theater in Oakland.

On Tour: Jack Johnson at the Fox Theater

Jack Johnson, a Hawaiian singer-songwriter famous for his soothing vocals and tracks focuing on the joys in life that surround him, released his sixth studio album last month. The sound of From Here to Now to You resonates with his previous works, but its lyrics break from the darker side
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Playlist of the week: songs for a rainy day

If you are in or around Berkeley, you may have noticed that it’s been raining — a lot. Even though it’s summertime, nothing beats a cozy day in with tea, something to read and the perfect soothing rainy-day soundtrack. Here are 14 songs that we guarantee will make you cross
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