Janaki Bakhle poses on campus with her husband, UC Berkeley Chancellor Dirks

Janaki Bakhle, UC Berkeley’s New First Lady

Every morning around 8, Janaki Bakhle takes her two labrador retrievers out for their daily walk through the UC Berkeley campus. She leaves her perch at University House, nestled between academic buildings on the north side of campus, guiding Boo Bear and Kulfi — which means ice cream in Hindi
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13-05-02 Ten Random Facts About Chancellor-Elect Nicholas Dirks

10 random facts about Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks

With the end of Chancellor Birgeneau’s term in sight, Chancellor-designate Nicholas Dirks is undoubtedly preparing for his ascension to the top of the university. Having been appointed but a few months ago, you probably don’t know too much about him — but, of course, we’re here to dispel your ignorance.
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