Pack’s non-neutrality hurts ASUC

As senators who served with Pack while he was an ASUC senator, we would have to agree with his statements about himself. Pack was one of the most polarizing figures while he served as a senator.
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No confidence, no progress

CAMPUS ISSUES: A bill passed by the ASUC Senate does not give incoming UC president Janet Napolitano room to grow into her role.

The ASUC Senate passed a deeply flawed bill Wednesday night that gives incoming UC president Janet Napolitano an unfairly limited amount of time to take important steps toward reassuring undocumented students of her ability to fight for their rights. Napolitano’s troubling record on immigration and the rights of undocumented people
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5 things we wish the ASUC had voted no confidence in

It’s only a few weeks into the school year, but the ASUC has already expressed trepidation about Janet Napolitano, passing a bill that expressed no confidence in the incoming UC president if she does not carry out a list of nine demands by a deadline set by the ASUC senate. While the
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Napolitano to lead UC system

Secretary of Homeland Security Janet Napolitano was confirmed as the University of California’s next president more than a month ago, and the administration and student groups are now turning from reaction to response, preparing for her Sept. 30 start date. Napolitano was confirmed as the 20th UC president by the
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10 local figures you ought to know

Walking around Berkeley, you will likely meet a wide host of characters. From classmates to custodians, from city officials to campus administrators, the faces of Berkeley are numerous and varied. Below we have included some of the more prominent figures you are like to see or read about both on campus and around the city of Berkeley.
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