The irony in allegiance

Life in America was the only one they knew. Yet they were stripped of their identities and subject not only to incarceration by the government but also popularized racist sentiment among fellow Americans.
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Miso soup recipe

This is the dream recipe for miso soup that is both easy to make and packed full of umami flavor. Packed full of sodium, pre-made soup isn’t the healthiest option for our already terrible college student diet. Lucky for us, a quick and easy recipe for miso soup exists. During my time
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Getting the last word

You’ve probably heard of “sonder.” It flooded our feeds as a cliche Instagram caption a few years back. It is, by definition, the realization that each random passerby is living a life as vivid and complex as your own. And it’s also, according to its creator John Koeric, entirely made up.
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japanese curry

Simple Japanese curry recipe

You’re starving. You’ve spent way too much money at Chipotle and Blondie’s, you have no meal points and you want something satisfying and tasty. Have no fear, Eating Berkeley is back at it with yet another simple recipe you can make in minutes and have in your belly in an
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Poke store #Poki opens at former Mokka location

The new restaurant seeks to create traditional, simplified poke boxes — which are raw fish dishes — that customers can customize with a variety of additional ingredients, according to #Poki owner Diana Lee. The restaurant comes after Lee’s husband, Jerry Su, worked as a sushi chef for about 15 years.
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