The Force is strong with the Boston Pops Orchestra at the Hearst Greek Theatre tribute to composer John Williams

Boston Pops
Brittany Hosea Small/Courtesy
From left to right: UC Berkeley director of bands Dr. Robert Calonico, piccolo soloist Margaret Shi and drum major Sarah Manthorpe. In an interview with The Daily Californian, Manthorpe said that she was blown away by “Hedwig’s Theme.”

The Greek Theatre wasn’t exactly packed, but those gathered ranged in age from about six to 60. The tangible pathos of Williams’ work is remarkably legible.
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10 best movies for celebrating the Fourth of July

The United States is good at a lot of things — road trips, pulling off cowboy boots, idyllic suburban childhoods with dark undertones, stuffing little pizzas into bigger pizzas — but perhaps the thing we’re best at is movies. This is, after all, the birthplace of Hollywood and Star Wars
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