baked pasta ziti

Baked pasta

This fun dish will make it so that even though you got 99 problems, baked pasta ain’t one. Get ready to impress your guests with this perfect entrée.
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Tunesday: “I love my blackness”

If there was ever a time to celebrate Blackness in an age featuring systemic oppression, cultural appropriation and an orange-haired “politician” running for office, 2016 would be it. Bold, unapologetic and completely no-holds-barred, this year has produced spectacular artistry from Black musicians that would give Taylor Swift and her squad
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Tunesday: When rap is nice to women

While we don’t expect artists such as the Ying Yang Twins or Nate Dogg to sing love ballads at weddings, their derogatory lyrics toward women tend to leave a bitter taste in our mouths. But not all rap songs objectify women — some of them are actually empowering. We’ve curated
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Taran Moriates_online

The greatness of frat parties

Lost in Confusion

Whenever I feel just the right amount of unfounded recklessness and self-hatred, I go to a frat party. And usually, I’m going to be honest, it turns out to be absolutely incredible. I’m talking better than giving Mickey Mouse a high five at Disneyland, better than perfectly sliding your anecdote
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