Niki Peters’ top hate tweets

Being on “Jeopardy!” has made Niki Peters a victim to a lot of hate, especially on Twitter. The audience seems to be critical of everything from the way she looks to the way she talks. The second place contestant doesn’t take any of these tweets to heart, however, and reads these tweets
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Is Niki Peters UC Berkeley’s smartest student?

Niki Peters has been a lifelong “Jeopardy!” fan. She participated in various Quiz Bowl teams in Boise, Idaho and ammassed a wide range of knowledge. In order to become a part of the “Jeopardy!” College Championship, she took a 50 question test in October. Following the test, she was selected for
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UC Berkeley student places third on Jeopardy!

Last Friday’s Jeopardy! pitted the three finalists – Terry O’Shea, Tucker Pope and Kevin Shen – against one another to determine who would receive $100,000 and a spot to compete in the Tournament of Champions. Shen began the first round in the last place with $8,765. The first category chosen,
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