The traveler’s paradox: Traveling alone as a woman

There’s an air of romanticism inherent in the act of “adventure.” It’s Odysseus. Jules Verne. Jack Kerouac. Chris McCandless. Generations of men, admired adventure writers, have had us yearning for the open road. Yet there’s a reality of traveling alone as a woman that is often inferred and rarely recorded.
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San Francisco Playhouse’s ‘Jerusalem’ squanders technical excellence with erratic plot

Despite its religious title, Jez Butterworth’s “Jerusalem” is absolutely anything but. Inspired by the poetry of William Blake, San Francisco Playhouse’s latest follows a day in the life of a 40-something, drug-dealing squatter and his eccentric clan of inebriated, amphetamine-craving teenagers. Johnny “Rooster” Byron (Brian Dykstra), a modern-day Falstaff and
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Turmoil abroad builds strong bonds

On a cold July morning in Santiago, the infamous Plaza Italia is packed with students wearing bandanas and scarves over their faces, huddled around handmade banners. It’s a scene I’ve passed by many times while living in a city where protesting is as normal as breathing — where sometimes the two
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Off the beat: Israel, the salad bowl?

I still remember that day in fifth grade like it was yesterday. “America is not a melting pot — it’s a salad bowl,” my teacher told us. “We have lots of different cultures — carrots, cucumbers, lettuce — but they don’t mix.” Ten-year-old me, eyes full of tears, rushed home to
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Why would you go there?

It seems odd to have to prove to Israel’s very nationals why a 23-year-old girl would want to outlive the stresses of her last year in college in their country for the remnants of summer 2012. Even when their Mediterranean beaches are world famous, their Tel Aviv nightlife rivals many
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Not a Magic Carpet Ride

Find yourself in the middle of the Jordanian desert and you find yourself nowhere, except right on top of millennial underground layers of history dating back to the Iron Age. For six, long, sizzling weeks under a scorching Jordanian sun, I and team members of the Dhiban Archaeological Field School
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On sacred spaces

Religiously Inclined

I recently watched the film “Kingdom of Heaven,” and I was struck by one of the final lines spoken by the character Saladin, a Muslim leader who battled to take over Jerusalem during the era of the Crusades. When questioned by Orlando Bloom’s character, Balian, a valiant defender of the
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