Winter break habits to abandon

Although the month-long vacation was much needed and well-deserved, many of us have acquired some new habits. At the Clog, we feel we have a responsibility to point out some of these habits to ensure you’re set up for success from the start.
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Thanksgiving Table

How to prepare for those dreaded Thanksgiving dinner questions

You’re sitting around the dinner table surrounded by mounds of delicious food and the conversation is freely flowing. You finally get to see your favorite baby cousin, and the room is full of happiness and laughter. Suddenly, your aunt, who’s always trying to “get with the times,” decides to offhandedly bring up that
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What not to say in front of your boss

Summer is the time when students are constantly scrambling to find an internship. When that opportunity finally arrives, circumstances don’t always measure up to the expectations that you go in with. We at the Clog have accumulated a couple precautions to take into consideration when entering the professional world. Never
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Career Center under construction

Actionable phrases for your resume

We at the Clog recently came to the realization that we’d like to be employed after we leave the academic womb. So, since being jaw-achingly hilarious isn’t a marketable skill, we’ve been trying to beef up our resumes lately — you know, without actually leaving the house. Here are some of
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