Growing debt has serious consequences

Government debt is in the news again. Recent national headlines ranged in tone from the breathless to cataclysmic. First, Detroit asked Christie’s Auction House to value its museum collection, should the city need to pay creditors with its Rembrandts and Cezannes. Then, President Obama told “This Week” that he would
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Republicans want to freeze your tuition

In Sacramento, Republicans are fighting for students' interests

In November 2012, for the first time in more than two decades, Californians elected to directly raise taxes on themselves by passing Proposition 30 by a healthy 10-point margin. By passing Prop. 30, Californian voters affirmed their commitment to fully fund public education by sacrificing more of their paycheck with
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State now over $700 million behind revenue target

California fell more than $300 million short of its projected cash revenue for the month of September — and over $700 million short so far this year — according to a report released by the state Controller’s Office Monday. If revenue targets are not met, the state may make up
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State revenue collection more than $300 million under target

State revenue collection was more than $300 million under the projected amount, according to the state controller’s office. The state missed the collection goal laid out by the state budget by $301.6 million dollars, or 4 percent, according to figures the office released Monday. The state is now $705.5 million,
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