"Jackie" | Fox Searchlight Pictures Grade: A

‘Jackie’ strikes chord of tragedy

After an orchestral strike echoes in our ears, the screen momentarily flashes — a close-up of Jackie Kennedy’s contorted face, with lips pursed tightly and eyes unwaveringly staring at the audience. The visual complements the audial, and as both the score and stare continue for what seems unsettlingly long but
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I came, I saw, I conquered parallel structure

I love being a copy editor because I like thinking about grammar, to catch other people’s errors and having an excuse to get Urbann Turbann regularly after a shift. Wait. There’s something wrong with that sentence (and although it’s true that I don’t get Urbann Turbann as often as I
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Boston's Skyline

Boston was a city of firsts for our group’s ‘last’ trip

As a Californian, sometimes I forget that our involvement with the history of the United States doesn’t go back very far. California, a late 19th century state, is one of those middle children of the U.S. family. The East Coast — the older sisters — is where what we know as the United
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Political buttons

Campaign slogans and the ASUC election

Spring is an exciting time for politics at Cal. We’re sure you’ve noticed the energy and aggression of campaigners on Sproul over the past few weeks, not to mention some of the more interesting campaign gimmicks meant to grab your attention. However, we were surprised (and disappointed) at the lack
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