Meeting on middle ground

HIGHER EDUCATION: Legislators are realizing the importance of keeping higher education accessible to the middle class with a new scholarship program.

A new middle class scholarship program in the state budget passed June 14 is an encouraging step by lawmakers toward funding higher education, though the program pales in comparison to a similar bill which failed in the state Senate last August. The new program aims to reduce the cost of
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UC Regents voice concern over budget demands

Despite proposed increases in state funding for higher education, members of the UC Board of Regents expressed concerns about Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget, citing it as a temporary solution to long-term financial woes at their meeting Thursday.
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Gridlock, impasse killed Middle-class scholarship act

The Middle Class Scholarship Act would have slashed UC and CSU fees by 60 percent for middle-class students, but a combination of unwavering ideological commitments and hastily conducted negotiations made reaching an agreement impossible.
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