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ASUC to host roundtable with state Assembly members

The ASUC will host a roundtable discussion about the Middle Class Scholarship Act with Speaker of the Assembly John Perez, D-Los Angeles, and Assemblymember Nancy Skinner, D-Berkeley, on Thursday in the ASUC Senate chambers in Eshleman Hall. The two former UC Berkeley students coauthored the act, which is designed to close
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Paving the way

HIGHER EDUCATION: March 5 protests in Sacramento are remarkable for all the things activists did right, not the spectacle they generated.

A multifaceted strategy is imperative for success in any struggle. Whether its on some far-flung battlefield or while navigating political challenges at home, effectively engaging with all obstacles only increases the chances of victory. The March 5 Day of Action in Sacramento, as well as protests leading up to it, in
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A revealing referendum

HIGHER EDUCATION: Students at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo have illustrated the absurd situation public education faces in California.

Momentum builds in different ways. Yesterday, the state of California saw thousands rally at the Capitol. Students from across the state stood side-by-side with administrators, politicians and others to show that they, together, needed to reinvest in public higher education. Last week, sans large-scale protest, students at Cal Poly San
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We are together on the Middle Class Scholarship Act

For far too long we have watched our tuition skyrocket, our classes get cut and the American Dream slip out of reach for California’s working and middle-class families. But now a real step on the path towards solving our state’s higher education crisis has been taken, and California’s young people stand
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Middle-class families could see tuition and fees cut by two-thirds

University of California students from middle-class families could save over $8,000 a year on tuition under a new plan announced Wednesday by state Assembly Speaker John Perez, D-Los Angeles. Perez’s Middle Class Scholarship Plan would cost the state about $1 billion per year and would be financed by the elimination
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Police attempt to break through a line of students on Nov. 9 during the Occupy Cal protests.

State legislature to hold hearings on police use of force on UC campuses

The state legislature will hold hearings next month on the police use of force during protests on University of California campuses over the past two weeks. The hearings, requested by state Assemblymember and Chair of the Assembly Higher Education Committee Marty Block, D-San Diego, were approved by Assembly Speaker John
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State Assembly Speaker a dropout, not a UC Berkeley graduate

California Assembly Speaker John Perez’s educational record has recently come under scrutiny after years of biographies and reports have referred to the politician as a graduate of UC Berkeley when in actuality, he dropped out before graduating. California Watch reported Thursday that before he was elected to the Assembly in
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