UC Davis Police Lt. John Pike pepper sprays demonstrators who had linked arms and were preventing attempts by the police to remove arrested protesters.

Report on UC Davis pepper spray incident blames administrators, police

An investigative report released at noon Wednesday lambasted UC Davis administrators and police officials for their handling of a Nov. 18 protest in which police pepper-sprayed student demonstrators. The 190-page report faults ineffectual administrative decision-making, poor police planning and weak chains of communication for the pepper-spraying. Along with the findings
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Report on UC Davis pepper spray incident scheduled for release Wednesday

After weeks of delay, the task force report investigating the Nov. 18 UC Davis pepper spray incident has been tentatively scheduled for public release Wednesday. The move comes after the Federated University Police Officers Association and UC reached an agreement to redact all names of the UC Davis police officers except
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Occupy Cal has moved their encampment to Doe Library. Compared to previous encampments, there is almost no police presence.

New Occupy Cal encampment sees little UCPD presence

In a shift from the massive police presence at the first Occupy Cal encampment in November, UCPD has not confronted the camp established last Thursday, aside from announcing general dispersal orders nightly. The Occupy Cal camp, which moved from the steps of Sproul Hall to those of Doe Memorial Library
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