‘Tammy’ fails to funny

It’s finally happened. After innumerable embarrassing and forgettable summer comedies featuring a couple of buddies who go on a bawdy, drunken adventure fueled by boyish stupidity and a refusal to grow up and starring Seth Rogen or Jonah Hill or Jack Black, the female equivalent has arrived. Melissa McCarthy in
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Hill and Tatum keep laughs going in “22 Jump Street”

Comedy relies on two main factors: originality and shock. The necessity of these two vital characteristics to make the genre truly vibrant and, well, comedic, has rendered comedy sequels ineffective and even embarrassing (let’s not get started on “The Hangover” sequels), for the very definition of a sequel and the
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Meg Elison

Fitting in

The Berkeley Bucket List

I decided to buy a Cal sweatshirt the day of my CalSO. I was too fat and too poor to make that happen. I had driven up from SoCal, splitting the cost with friends. I had to borrow the cash to register for the day; I was flat broke the
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