Failure to report: UCSB

Elliot Rodger killed six people and injured 13 others on May 23, in Isla Vista, California, a community where many UC Santa Barbara students live. All six of those killed that day were students at the university. This tragedy has been reported and dissected by every major news outlet in the country, including The Daily Californian. But UCSB’s ASUC-sponsored paper, the Bottom Line, chose to refrain from immediate devoted coverage of the incident outside of their Twitter feed. In fraught and dangerous circumstances, the Bottom Line made the wrong decision and abandoned its responsibility to its campus and community.
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Listen to the Dalai Lama: Everything is Interconnected

The 14th Dalai Lama spent much of his adult life trying to comprehend modern science, according to his book, “The Universe in a Single Atom.” Although science and mathematics were absent from the Tibetan monk’s schooling, the young Dalai Lama would quizzically take apart watches and put them back together,
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Why I choose journalism

During the second half of my sophomore year, I began to think I wasn’t cut out to be a journalist. I don’t remember what month or even what day of the week it was — all I can recall now is the gray morning. The sun wasn’t shining when, as
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Editors’ Note

One hundred and forty-three years ago, The Daily Californian was founded. That was a less obvious development than it may seem. In 1871, the New York Times was only 20 years old, Harvard and Yale had yet to establish papers and the Wall Street Journal was nearly two decades from
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In the midst of a critical condition

There is a reason nobody makes films about arts critics. Even the closest thing we have, Cameron Crowe’s “Almost Famous,” has far too much sex, drugs and designer mod dresses to ever be considered an accurate reflection of the modern arts journalist. And that’s because we aren’t really journalists. We
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Off the beat: Reporting on four wheels

I was told upon coming to UC Berkeley that I should take a reduced course load — learning how to live halfway across the country in a wheelchair would occupy enough of my time. After one semester of following that well-meaning advice, I decided my life was a little too mundane,
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Broken news

NATIONAL AFFAIRS: Fareed Zakaria’s act of plagiarism breaks trust and sheds light on the danger of laziness and hastiness in today’s digital media age.

Integrity is an important aspect of society, and an essential one for journalism. The public has faith in the media, and the media must, in turn, respect and honor that trust and not abuse its power. Fareed Zakaria, a CNN host and Time editor-at-large, broke that trust when he plagiarized in a Time magazine column on gun control, an act he admitted to on Friday.
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