Kingman, Sophia Weltman and Travis Bullock

10 best events to check out on Cal Day

With more than 400 events to choose from, Cal Day can be as daunting as it is exciting. Luckily, The Daily Californian is here to help you sort through all the cool events that the school has to offer. No doubt, this article is not nearly comprehensive, but we’ve compiled
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Meg Elison

Alma mater, other matters

A few weeks ago, American author Joyce Carol Oates mused on Twitter how fascinating it was that alumni always lament the falling standards at their alma mater after they have graduated but never while they were in attendance. If this is the case, then homecoming is a charged time. It
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Braulio Ramirez’s Picks of the Week

1. Contemporary Writers Series: Joyce Carol Oates “Who the hell is Joyce Carol Oates?” you ask. Only one of the world’s greatest contemporary writers who’s been nominated for the Nobel Prize three times and who also happens to teach at UC Berkeley. For her reading, head on over to Oakland’s
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