Why Independence Day is best celebrated July 3

If you’re like most Americans, you’re probably gearing up for a Fourth of July celebration in honor of our nation’s birth. Depending on your situation, your plans may range from a red, white and blue-themed rager to binge-watching Netflix and snacking from American flag plates. But wait — don’t make
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Roman Candles Fireworks

The Californian’s ultimate Fourth of July playlist

Party playlists are a wonderful way to express the mood of the moment. Independence Day playlists are a time-honored tradition across the United States and often vary wildly from locale to locale. We at the Clog have chosen to focus our playlist on not only our celebration of all things American but also
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Summertime accurately depicted through Lana Del Rey lyrics

If you’ve never listened to Lana Del Rey’s music, you should know that she references the wonderful and warm — or horrible and sweaty, depending on where you are — season of summer. Lana’s sultry, playful lyrics suitably describe various aspects in our lives and make those aspects sound a lot cooler
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