Portfolio: Laverne Cox says justice is love

A poem inspired by Laverne Cox’s visit to UC Berkeley in December of 2015.   Laverne Cox says Justice is Love in Public Spaces but     you walk the well-lit path to take the long way home under empty street lamps,   street shops, empty fluorescent spot lights blinking
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This Week in Arts

Visual Art: Cal Day is approaching, and Saturday’s flurry of events will offer art lovers unexpected opportunities for special tours, exhibitions and demonstrations. These art-related events are not just for bright-eyed future Cal bears and their parents, but are also offered to the general public. At Free Speech Movement Cafe,
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Gigs Galore: Coachella runoff

“I wish I was going to Coachella.” In the next couple of weeks, this will be the refrain uttered by scores of friends and classmates dreaming of one of the world’s greatest live music experiences. With a lineup chock-full of huge acts that redefines the term star-studded, this year’s rendition
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Justice: Audio, Video, Disco

Everything about Justice’s image screams rock star, from the gothic cross right down to the leather jackets. It was only a matter of time before the French electronic duo would attempt to craft some rock music of their own. I’ll admit I was skeptical when I heard that this was
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