Blast from the past: boy bands of the ’90s

It’s kind of intriguing to look at Justin Timberlake these days. The man is a multimillion-dollar celebrity with a music career that has been responsible for endless hours of dancing and an acting career that has spawned some half-decent performances on the big screen. But for any youngins of the
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Erik Weiner’s Picks of the Week

Justin Timberlake releasing new album Tuesday In a contemporary R&B world increasingly obsessed with obscure production tricks and emotional overindulgence (see “PBR&B”), only one panty-dropping powerhouse of Caucasian soul can save the genre from pretension: naturally, Justin Timberlake. Seven years after his massively successful record FutureSex/LoveSounds, JT makes a glorious
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Justin Timberlake: The 20/20 Experience

Superstars have a lot of responsibility. Things they produce need to be bigger and better than what they did before. The best of the best thrive under that pressure, but some can’t properly deal with those expectations — D’Angelo and Dave Chappelle still haven’t come out of hiding.
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Tom Hanks Tuesday: Saving Saturday Night Live

Here’s a new math formula for all y’all out there studying for midterms that involve numbers: (T) + *LT* = BSNLE I’ll break it down for those who are unfamiliar with my specific brand of mathematical notation. 1. The “T” stands for a celebrity whose first name or last name
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The Final Hour

When Andrew Niccol christened “In Time” “‘Gattaca’ revisited,” my head filled with all sorts of fantasies about what a mind-bending concept, beautiful megastar cast, and Niccol’s script could do in 2011. With special effects and high-impact actors, the potential of sci-fi thrillers to suck in the viewer and create an
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