Tunesday: Soundtrack to prevent the ‘dying’ in studying

Not only will this Tunesday help convince your parents that you’re not throwing away your tuition, it might actually help you fight through what seem like endless distractions — streaming Netflix, shamelessly dancing around the house in your PJs for three hours too long, fighting the urge to just nap
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Take a break

How to take a break

A lot of us students out of necessity or just sheer madness have decided to stay on campus for the summer and take classes — as if both fall and spring semesters weren’t enough. Now that we’ve sort of settled into our new class schedules, we might have realized that
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Quiz: Which karaoke classic should you sing?

The last week of April is National Karaoke Week — that’s right, it exists. And while it might not be the end of April quite yet, we at the Clog think it’s never too early to start singing. Karaoke stands as one of the greatest drunken or sober pastimes in
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Karaoke and hypotheticals

Upon returning to Berkeley after spring break, I came to an unfortunate realization: that it was that time of the semester again. Perhaps I’d survived the first two months of this term, but somehow, April still managed to loom ahead of me. That couldn’t be a good sign — in
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Still Swimming

When I first arrived in Taiwan, there were certain things I had to get used to. I had to come to terms with keeping my elbows at my sides rather than in people’s ribs when I entered high-density areas; it turns out that the Taiwanese, unlike the mainland Chinese, not
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