Kim Kardashian & Mom Kris Jenner Could Pass For Twin Sisters!

If Kardashians went to UC Berkeley

Have you ever wondered what our school would be like if the Kardashians attended UC Berkeley? Imagine going to your Psych 1 lecture with Kim, watching Kendall dance at frat parties and doing late-night cram sessions with Kanye. It would probably be the best, yet worst, college experience of your
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5 things we loved about the ‘I am Cait’ premiere

On Sunday, July 26, reality series “I Am Cait” premiered on E!, documenting Caitlyn Jenner’s public transition and her development as a spokesperson for the transgender community. The series aims to represent the struggles faced by transgender folks as authentically as possible. Jenner hopes to use her platform to spotlight
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free cable

We want more free TV

Congratulations! you’ve finally managed to carve out 45 minutes to spend some quality time with your laptop. You’ve successfully finished reading the 80 pages assigned by your political science professor or hellish problem set. It’s time for a reward; too bad Hulu and Netflix haven’t put up the new episode
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