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Documenting distance: A profile on student Ashley Njoroge

In her native Kenya, Ashley Njoroge never experienced prejudice because of the color of her skin. It wasn’t until she arrived in Berkeley for undergraduate studies that she began to feel acutely aware of her Blackness. “I knew I was Black but it wasn’t something that I consciously thought about,”
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The traveler’s paradox: Traveling alone as a woman

There’s an air of romanticism inherent in the act of “adventure.” It’s Odysseus. Jules Verne. Jack Kerouac. Chris McCandless. Generations of men, admired adventure writers, have had us yearning for the open road. Yet there’s a reality of traveling alone as a woman that is often inferred and rarely recorded.
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Infographic: Where should you study abroad?

There are 196 countries in the world. If you spend one month in each country, it’ll take you about 16 years to visit all of them. Most students can’t set aside all their responsibilities for 16 years, but students can study abroad. Find out which country you should visit while simultaneously taking courses.
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The rest of the world exists, too

Why is it that we don’t seem to talk about what happens in Kenya? Or Syria or Nigeria for that matter? Between Kenya’s ethically questionable election results, Syria’s never-ending civil war and an extreme Islamist group in Nigeria killing foreign hostages, so much is unfolding across the world that could
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