Harrison Tibbetts, pictured above, is the  campaign manager for the Californians for Responsible Economic Development. The group is focused on a campaign for oil tax that would provide funding for higher education.

UC Berkeley students initiate campaign for oil tax

UC Berkeley students have initiated a campaign for an oil tax to generate funds for education among other government entities. Californians for Responsible Economic Development – the student-run committee – hopes to repeat the success of Proposition 30 by focusing on mobilizing students.
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Gridlock, impasse killed Middle-class scholarship act

The Middle Class Scholarship Act would have slashed UC and CSU fees by 60 percent for middle-class students, but a combination of unwavering ideological commitments and hastily conducted negotiations made reaching an agreement impossible.
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State senator meets with Birgeneau, addresses students

State Senator Kevin de Leon, D-Los Angeles, spoke separately to UC Berkeley students and Chancellor Robert Birgeneau Tuesday in an attempt to garner support for efforts to address the financial issues facing the state and the University of California. Though de Leon had originally called for Birgeneau to meet him
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