A hater’s plea

All in all, it’s a major improvement for sports fans, but being unable to criticize players without being perceived as anti-player, anti-labor and anti-fun is an overcorrection I remain baffled by.
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Who will be the (2nd) best team in the NBA?

After a dramatic offseason that included a star trade request away from Lebron James, the end of the Phil-Melo Knicks era, the shuffling of numerous top-20 players and KD’s cringe-worthy Twitter behavior, the NBA is back and better than ever. Everyone knows Golden State is the title favorite, but instead
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All-Alter Ego Five

Run It Back

On the verge of his 16th season in the association, it’s fair to say Carmelo Anthony has begun the twilight phase of his career, as his prime has officially come to a close. Melo can still average 20, but he’s well beyond his years of leading a team and would
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LeBron and the Terrible, No Good, Very Bad Finals

All Falls Down

Let’s not kid ourselves: this was always a two-horse race. And even then, only one steed looked anywhere near fit enough to win this one. Kevin Durant has a lot of people to thank for his current position — four games away from eternal glory on a team perhaps more
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