Kim Kardashian & Mom Kris Jenner Could Pass For Twin Sisters!

If Kardashians went to UC Berkeley

Have you ever wondered what our school would be like if the Kardashians attended UC Berkeley? Imagine going to your Psych 1 lecture with Kim, watching Kendall dance at frat parties and doing late-night cram sessions with Kanye. It would probably be the best, yet worst, college experience of your
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Reeled in and sunk by clickbait

Cutting room floor

Unfortunately, there was a time where the 37.2 trillion cells in my body were run by the Kardashians as the powerhouse and “Damn Daniel” as the copilot. With the simple click of a button, I watched my friends let pressing issues slide to make way for arbitrary gossip and consequently
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Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Celebrity resume: North West

From the people who brought you Gwyneth Paltrow’s resume, we give you another edition of celebrity resume. Keep on working on those resumes and applying to all the jobs, internships and anything else you want to! If your resume looks anything like North’s, you are sure to get hired.  ___________________________  
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