A guide to UC Berkeley for parents and visitors

In the weeks leading up to move-in day, thousands of parents and families visit Berkeley to help their proud new freshmen move into the residence halls. It’s difficult to figure out the logistics of moving in, especially if it’s your first time visiting Berkeley. With this in mind, the Daily Clog put
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7 must-try desserts in Berkeley

Berkeley is a city full of unique cuisines and amazing flavors on every block. Whether you’re searching for new ways to please your sweet tooth or looking for something to take your mind off the impending doom of midterms, here are seven desserts in Berkeley that every student must try.
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The story of KoJa Kitchen

If you somehow missed it while you walked from Southside to campus, Telegraph Avenue has a new resident. KoJa Kitchen, an Asian fusion joint that serves up melanges of Korean and Japanese dishes on Southside, launched in Berkeley late last year. You may have originally known KoJa Kitchen as a
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