Sproul in summer

Mary Zheng/File

As final exams have come to a close and students finally find their way home for summer vacation, Sproul is left as a ghost town for the long summer months. The plaza is barren with only the remnants of a few fallen club handouts blowing in the warm summer breeze. In the dead of June, one can only hear the ghostly echoes of the countless a capella groups whistle through Sather Gate.
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An ode to donuts

Donuts, in all their circular perfection, are what we all really want when we wake up in the morning. Sure, we can fool ourselves into thinking that a green smoothie is just as good, but we all know in our heart of hearts that the equation for a perfect breakfast
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In-N-Out Burger2821 Lenwood Road, Barstow, CA

Are In-N-Out and Krispy Kreme really coming to Lower Sproul?

While campus group Students For Change is fronting a large-scale petition to bring President Barack Obama to speak at next year’s spring commencement, Matthew Brueckmann, a junior at UC Berkeley studying mechanical engineering, is rallying the support of students to sign a petition to bring In-N-Out and Krispy Kreme to Lower
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The double chocolate bread pudding with white chocolate ice cream and chocolate almond bark at Red Fish Grill was cooked to order, and it came puffy and inflated like a successful souffle

Reflecting on New Orleans cuisine

When I found out that my family was going to New Orleans for a week during winter break, I immediately started looking up delicious restaurants and specialty dishes. The first full day I was there, I was not about to pass up any chance to try the local fare.
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