Report shows drop in city crime rates

Property and violent crimes in Berkeley reached their lowest rates in five years in 2011, according to a report on crime trends set to be presented to Berkeley City Council next week. The number of reported incidents of property and violent crime went from 6,472 crimes in 2010 to 5,145
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Rise in price of parking ticket fines increases city revenue

Amid criticism over an increase in the price of parking ticket fines in the city of Berkeley, recently released data shows that the city has in fact collected thousands of dollars more in parking ticket revenue this fiscal year compared to the same time last year. The city of Berkeley
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Telegraph Ave Meeting @ Moes

City Council to look into ways to revitalize Telegraph Avenue

Berkeley City Council will look into recommendations Tuesday that would improve the atmosphere of Telegraph Avenue, including an increase in lighting and police patrols on the street. At its meeting Tuesday, the council will decide whether to pass on a proposal from the Telegraph Livability coalition to the city manager
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Road rage

CITY AFFAIRS:vThe city of Berkeley’s new ordinance to protect bicyclists is welcome but does little to fortify the effect of existing laws.

For drivers and bicyclists, sharing the road can be a frustrating experience that tests the patience and safety of both parties. An ordinance passed by Berkeley City Council in January, which went into effect Thursday, aims to promote safer roadways for cyclists but fails to do any more than existing
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City council postpones discussion of parking ticket policy

A proposed parking policy change to not ticket people who show up to move their vehicle while the ticket is being written that was set to be discussed at Tuesday’s Berkeley City Council meeting was taken off the agenda. Councilmember Kriss Worthington — who, along with Councilmember Max Anderson, had
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Proposed parking policy could mean more lenient ticketing

The city of Berkeley could change its parking policy so that people approaching their vehicles will not be fined if parking enforcement officers are in the process of writing the ticket. Councilmember Kriss Worthington said he suggested this proposal — which the Berkeley City Council will consider at its meeting
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