Ode to end of Game Days

Fellow Berkeley Bears, we are all in mourning for the end of our favorite season, we must stay strong, unite and discover a means to give our lives newfound reason. Game Days are coming to a storming end, but this weekend we finished with a bang, and, in all honesty, Stanford
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Berkeley’s top five best eats for CalSO attendees

Berkeley’s food scene is known for being cheap, plentiful, and, most importantly, delicious. With cuisines ranging from Mexican to Chinese, pizza to gook soo, you’ll rarely find yourself bored by the same old restaurant. While some scour websites like Yelp for what’s good, the best recommendations always come from fellow students.
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North v. South: La Burrita edition

One of the best things about Berkeley is that it has a huge variety of food options in nice walking distance. But even with all this diversity, there are sometimes more than one of our favorite joints. Here’s a comparative review of the two renditions of our local Mexican eatery, La Burrita. Northside La
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Is the search for the best Berkeley vegetarian burrito over?

Recently, I’ve been on a journey to discover the best vegetarian burrito within easy walking distance from the UC Berkeley campus. I forwent any establishments that are large corporate chains — uh-um, Chipotle — in order to support our local businesses and community. The three Mexican restaurants I visited were: La Burrita,
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Michael Drummond/File

Catching UC Berkeley nostalgia

From mountains or shores, metropolises or small towns, Scandinavia or Asia, UC Berkeley students come from all over the world — you can hear more than 200 different languages on our campus. When summer begins, our friends are just like migrant birds flying back to their own nests, traveling to places
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