What Not to Wear: Berkeley edition

Berkeley is a fairly accepting place. There’s not much that a person could wear that would really spark outrage or be classified as a faux pas – we’re the unofficial home of the Birkenstock, after all. That being said, the fashionistas at the Clog have compiled a short list of
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Socially acceptable white items after Labor Day

Most of us have heard of the fashion rule “don’t wear white after Labor Day.” Apparently, Labor Day marks the end point for summer fashion and the incoming of fall fashion. Personally, we at the Clog have never quite understood this phenomenon. But a week past that fateful day, we’ve caught ourselves thinking up some sneaky and socially acceptable ways to incorporate white into our lives even after Labor Day.
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Less-than-laborious ways to spend Labor Day

After what’s been a particularly long two weeks of school, we at the Clog are stoked for this much-needed break. While paying your respects to the historic achievements of the labor leaders of yore, we invite you to relax and try some of these leisurely activities on this fine Labor Day.
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Fashion Fridays: Back in the Swing of Things

As the summer of 2014, Welcome Week and the Labor Day weekend slowly slip into memory, it’s time for UC Berkeley students to get adjusted to yet another semester. Of course, getting adjusted includes acclimating to the Berkeley weather, notorious for its unpredictable sways in temperature. Here, UC Berkeley’s best-dressed demonstrate creative
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