Our beat reporters say what they love


Every semester in The Daily Californian’s arts & entertainment department, we welcome a new batch of beat reporters. While they will spend the semester reporting on a multitude of different projects and exhibits specific to their expertise, they rarely have the opportunity to focus on their topics on a small scale.
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Walk faster, damn it

Someone very wise once said, “It’s about the journey, not the destination.” Clearly, this person has never been late to class, as he or she would know that the destination matters very much, thanks. At UC Berkeley, it seems as though some students take this proverb seriously and walk as
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Derek Shepherd

Taking exams as Derek Shepherd

“It’s a beautiful day to take an exam.” When you wake up as Derek Shepherd, the legendary character from “Grey’s Anatomy,” chances are your final is perfectly scheduled to be in the afternoon and in a location only 10 feet away from you. As Derek Shepherd, you didn’t bother studying for
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Why you’re late to class: Excuses and the real reasons behind them

Even though we have the gracious blessing that is Berkeley time, sometimes those 10 extra minutes still aren’t enough to accommodate our tardiness. Between challenging UC Berkeley-level classes, extracurriculars, work, our social lives and occasionally sleep, time management is no easy task. So we can’t help that we’re late sometimes. To
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5 things you want to explain to your GSI

The end of the semester has (FINALLY) arrived, and at this point, you’ve established a unique reputation with your GSI. Whether they know you as the one who’s constantly eating during class or that student who always falls asleep, we can’t help but feel they’re constantly judging us, and there’re a
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