Let’s put an end to ‘wetback’

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And the survival of derogatory terms such as “wetback” is a constant reminder that I don’t belong and continues to make me feel estranged from a country I recognize as my home.
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In legacy of Mendez court case, UC Berkeley should promote diversity

As a Latinx person living in the United States, I believe that while it is essential to document the struggles of Latinx people and other people of color throughout history, it is equally important to shed light on success stories to emphasize that people of color are not only passive victims of circumstance, but rather proactive figures in creating their own change.
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$3.4M grant to fund new Latino Center of Excellence

UC Berkeley’s School of Social Welfare received a $3.4 million grant from the Health Resources and Services Administration — an agency of the United States Department of Health and Human Services — to fund its new Latino Center of Excellence, a campus press release announced Friday.
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Why UC students need to reevaluate our tuition demands

Over 80 students from across the University of California mobilized at the November 17 UC Regents meeting, which discussed the impacts of a potential tuition hike. At that time, students at the margins, students the UC tries to forget and silence, showed up at the Regents’ doorstep. We showed up
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