Why Oprah should be UC Berkeley’s Inspo

Ah. Ha. Aha. That’s the one. The moment we’ve all strive to have, the moment Oprah Winfrey so kindly coined for us. For us college students, many of us fondly remember coming home from elementary school and watching Oprah with our moms. Though Ellen Degeneres never fails to make us
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What your coffee order says about you

Coffee may be the only beverage college students like more than alcohol. Here at UC Berkeley, where sleep deprivation is the norm and all-nighters are a common occurrence, coffee is even more valuable. We all need that sweet, sweet caffeine — but how you choose to get this neccesity says
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Our 3 favorite coffee shops

Here at the Clog, we drink so much coffee that we’re surprised it hasn’t replaced the blood in our bodies. Feeling tired? Coffee. Midday slump? Coffee. Need to stay up to finish writing that paper? Coffee. Thirsty? Coffee. Hot out? Iced coffee. Freezing cold out? Hot coffee. Coffee, coffee and
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Annie Chang/Staff

New Starbucks drink: Chestnut Praline Latte

The holiday season has come, which means our favorite Starbucks drinks are back, such as the peppermint mocha and the gingerbread latte. With the colder weather, holiday spirit and end of the semester looming near, we rely more and more on coffee to not only wake us up every morning
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5 holiday drinks you can make at home

November is more than halfway over, and chances are you’ve had at least one pumpkin spice latte by now. In fact, we think it’s pretty safe to say you’ve had more than one … or two … or three. The PSL isn’t your style? What about a peppermint mocha or
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