Tale of a Berkeley sock

Hi, I’m a Berkeley sock. No, that doesn’t mean I’m covered in blue and gold and have giant C-A-L letters written all over me. It just means that I’m a sock that lives in Berkeley. Anyway, this past week has been pretty rough for me. Most socks spend their whole
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Give me liberty or give me laundry

We could go on forever about all of the glorious parts about being home. It’s where the heart is — as well as the freedom from washing our own dishes. We get to spend time with our parents, and more importantly our dog, while dodging the responsibilities that weigh so heavily on us during
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Mikaela Raphael/File

Battle of the meal points

The semester is nearing its final weeks. Tensions are high with finals closing in. And of course meal points are also dwindling down. Cue the Ancient Roman battle music: The fight for food has begun. Every semester, the last few weeks of school go hand in hand with the treacherous struggle
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