Packing essentials for any good UC Berkeley student

While week two designates that the semester is well underway for the greater UC Berkeley population, there are many who are taking their studies abroad this semester. However, going abroad for an entire semester, or even a year, means that you have to face some struggles of your own –
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Sunset article

Interpreting Berkeley’s weather

Does anyone else ever notice that the weather forecasts for Berkeley never really seem to reflect any truth? The forecast will say that it’s 54 degrees and cloudy so you wear a cozy winter-y outfit. Then, as you’re walking through a sunny part of campus, you think to yourself that you would have been
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Fashion Fridays: Back in the Swing of Things

As the summer of 2014, Welcome Week and the Labor Day weekend slowly slip into memory, it’s time for UC Berkeley students to get adjusted to yet another semester. Of course, getting adjusted includes acclimating to the Berkeley weather, notorious for its unpredictable sways in temperature. Here, UC Berkeley’s best-dressed demonstrate creative
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